Michael Jackson’s death, along with the death of other well known celebrity Farrah Fawcett, Has caused an explosion in search on Facebook, Twitter, and sites akin to them.

Have you noticed that the last 36 hours Facebook and Twitter have been experiencing a lot of surprising errors? Do something as simple as clicking on one of the links and an unknown error page has been popping up quite frequently. While the solution is as simple as hitting the back browser and clicking it again. The cause is something a bit more interesting.

The surge of search terms on major social media networks has caused a small server overload. Nothing devastating in any way, but interesting still. Many notable people have passed away in the last few years but Michael Jackson’s death seems to have come at just the right time for a massive overload of media frenzy.

It has been reported that 30% of the “Tweets” on the Twitter site in the last 24 hours have been Jackson related. That is ASTRONOMICAL!

While the cause of death is presumed to be Cardiac Arrest an investigation is ongoing.

Whether you loved him or hated him. Everyone and their mother knew him. His passing has shaken the web like nothing in recent history.

I give you now a Youtube tribute to the legend himself.
Dear Michael,
I’ve never really been a Smooth Criminal. When I get a speeding ticket it is a miracle indeed if I fight it and Beat It. I met you in Vegas and asked for one piece of advice to carry me through life and your response was, “Don’t stop til you get enough“. You Are Not Alone you’re in our thoughts and our prayers. Though you have gone, your music lives on. You’ll be in my heart., so that I am always able to Rock With You for the rest of my life. Some people misunderstood you, but not I. You are a musical genius and I miss you.

-Jordan Laubaugh