Entrepreneurial Dissociative Identity Disorder PART TWO: Control Tuesday, Jun 23 2009 

The second installment of my Entrepreneurial DID segment. Here I will discuss the methods and beliefs that allow you to not only understand yourself and your different personalities but to actually make practical changes to control them. It is time to make your Self work for you.

First, decide what you want. Spend time reflecting on your life, goals, priorities, beliefs, etc. Write things down. Build your life on a system of logic based on what YOU want. When you understand this and understand your different personalities, then you can decide who does what. You have to decide what personality you want to run your life.

Let us approach this on a daily basis.


Entrepreneurial Dissociative Identity Disorder Monday, Jun 15 2009 

DID, better known as Split Personality Disorder. The term conjures up thoughts of Law and Order SVU episodes depicting maniac serial killers and the likes. Perhaps from now on when you hear the term you should think of…..


You see, when I spend time reflecting on issues in my life and problems that I face. The biggest, most serious, most difficult to fix problems all stem from the same source. A source that I feel can best be described as Entrepreneurial DID. While it is not exclusive to those who call themselves entrepreneurs, it does seem to be more visible in them than in others. Hence the tag of Entrepreneurial DID.

So what does it mean?

I will use myself as a case study and explore some examples in my life. Warning: I have not figured out everything to know about the different psychological patterns humans face. I only am aware of what I have found to be true from my experience. I offer here what I have discovered that works to control and harness this condition.

Make Your Life A Life Without Conditions Thursday, Jun 11 2009 

False statements are the basis of most people’s life.

The overwhelming majority of people live day by day without ever knowing why things are how they are. Everybody wonders why, few actually know. Read the rest of this post and you will be better informed than the average person.

You see, most people survive by chalking up the overwhelming majority of their life to, “that’s just the way things are” or “that’s my luck” or “it’s God’s plan”.

This is not a religious based post and I am not seeking to refute the belief that God has a purpose for everyone’s life. I am also not seeking to propagate my beliefs through this post in any way. I added that statement arbitrarily as something I have heard people say directly as a reason for why their life is how it is.

Our life is what we decide it to be (or should I say, it’s not what we don’t decide it to be). Most people’s ineffectiveness in decision making is why their life is in the state that it is. Rather than take initiative and make change they rely on misconstrued statements of some uncontrollable force running their life.

That is a hot steaming pile of B.S!

The Habit of Having Habits Monday, Jun 8 2009 

Habits! That is the topic for this post. I feel like it’s gonna be a good one too.

Take a moment to consider habits. Habits in general and habits that pertain to you. You really have to think about it because most of our habits aren’t conscious thoughts. They are just…. habits.

This post, I feel, is a sort of overlooked common sense type post. I believe when you are done reading it you will think, “Yeah… that makes sense”. However, I feel so strongly about this that I think it requires it’s own post. Maybe even it’s own book!

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