Want To Be A Success? Negotiate EVERYTHING Tuesday, Jun 23 2009 

I love to negotiate! Especially when the other person is not prepared mentally to negotiate. You need to become a top negotiator if you want to get ahead. Negotiating is something that poor people don’t do. Let me warn you ahead of time I am in a pretty straightforward mood while writing this post. So expect it to be direct.

Why negotiate?

Because you have to! Everyone has to negotiate throughout their life. Those who don’t address it directly just fall victim to a well set up business system. Your dollars roll into THEIR bank account.

I don’t know about you, but I am of the belief that money is better off in my pocket than in the retained earnings statement of Joe Schmo Inc. (more…)


ABC: The Life of A Salesman Tuesday, Jun 9 2009 

A response to a comment left on The Habit of Having Habits

Comment: “I’m not trying to sell you anything, your opinion on this opportunity is worth millions too me.”


Hey Danny,

Thanks a lot for your comments. I find the start up phase of any business to be the most exciting. However, it’s also where people make the most costly mistakes I’ve noticed.

I found your comment relevant and exciting except for one part where I am forced to disagree with you. I feel so strongly about it that I am giving it it’s own post.

You said, “I’m not trying to sell you anything”. You’re wrong! You had better be trying to sell me or else you are wasting your time. (more…)

Crash Course Guide to Real Estate Investing Without Money Saturday, Jun 6 2009 

I hope the title catches your eye! That is the point. There is this widely perpetrated myth that, “it takes money to make money”. I have said before that this is false. I stand by that. Dare me to and I will prove it.

Most people think that if you don’t need money in order to get more of it then you are saying that you can get money for nothing. Not the case! I also say that there is no such thing as something for nothing. You need to know that it’s not about money… It’s more about position…

How to Create Income (Part 2: Earned vs. Alternative Income) Friday, Jun 5 2009 

I decided to make my focus in part 2 a comparison of 2 income types.

Earned and Alternative.

Earned income is quite typical and we all know what it is. So what I hope to discusses it my theory behind earned income and some methods of alternative income that people might find useful.

In my previous post I defined the different types of income that a person can have and the pro’s and cons of each.

I also made the statement, “earned income is the worst type of income there is”.

Making statements like that are dangerous (more…)

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