I love to negotiate! Especially when the other person is not prepared mentally to negotiate. You need to become a top negotiator if you want to get ahead. Negotiating is something that poor people don’t do. Let me warn you ahead of time I am in a pretty straightforward mood while writing this post. So expect it to be direct.

Why negotiate?

Because you have to! Everyone has to negotiate throughout their life. Those who don’t address it directly just fall victim to a well set up business system. Your dollars roll into THEIR bank account.

I don’t know about you, but I am of the belief that money is better off in my pocket than in the retained earnings statement of Joe Schmo Inc.

There is this wierd belief that if you ask for discounts, or use coupons, then you will seem poor. Everyone is afraid to feel poor because if you feel poor you feel worthless, and that is a bad feeling… Believe me I have seen this first hand on many occasions. Salespeople do it all the time. Convince the customer that by owning their product they will become a member of a prestigious group and that the only reason they would refuse to buy the product is because they are too poor. So enter the financing options and voila! A sale is made.

The customer never once considered negotiating because guess what, their poor. A timeshare vacation offered for $12,400 by one sales manager. A confirmation of a great deal by a lower level sales person. A huge frivolous case built about the calue of said item. So air tight that the customer could never possibly consider asking for it for less! The whole process these salespeople went through IS negotiating. They are just putting on a huge show and negotiating a far inferior opponent.

So if you are reading this FREE yourself from the hyped up drama that sales people give. It is all a pile of B.S.

Understand that any business selling anything has marked that product up for a profit. In most business’s it is high enough for a strong negotiation.

Every situation where money changes hands is a negotiation. Some of the most basic things do not require negotiation: Utilities, Groceries, Gasoline, etc. These things are usually fair priced and have no way of being negotiated.

Everything else should be!

Here is how to do it.

Step One: Know their product.

Consider the customer being suckered into buying a time share. Had they known very well what the value of timeshares are, how they are valued, what weeks are premium, how the salesperson’s business is structured, what sort of margins they have, etc. They could have made an accurate judgement of the price and terms.

By knowing everything there is to know about what it is you are being sold you can buy cheaper than anyone else.
Step Two: Know Their Game

Do not ever accept anything a salesperson tells you as the utter truth. They will undoubtebly put a spin on everything to make you want to buy it. Question them constantly. Always ask for a lower price. Any dedicated sales person has the authority to give discounts. If they claim they do not ask to speak directly to a manager.

Step Three: Never forget that YOU HOLD ALL THE CARDS. It’s your freakin money. If a company will not give you exactly what you want, you should not give them exactly what they want (your $). Don’t ever feel obligated to buy something. If you are going to buy something, or be any type of consumer for something understand that the company works for you! Not vice versa. Do not let a salesperson make you feel guilty in any way. Be direct, be blunt, be rude if you have to be. Sales are over run with overagressive people whose only task is to seperate you from your money. It is a war.

Step Four: Negotiating Gambits, Lines, Tricks

Vice Gambit: “You’ll have to do better than that.” followed by silence, can almost guarantee a price concession in any situation. Understand that awkward silences are a key negotiating tool. The other side will feel uncomfortable and be forced to respond. Also try these lines  (ask the price of an object, let them respond and then say…)

“Surely you can do better than that can’t you?”

“Is that really the best you can do?”

“That’s not good enough.”

These are all powerful lines you can use. The silence afterwards is the most powerful part thoughr remember.

Often times if you pull this the salesman will get uncomfortable and revert to his training. So he will begin to spew off the futures of the product and build a case to justify the price. In response to that say

“Look, I know what the product is and what it does that is not the issue. The issue is the price.”

This will force them back onto negotiating price and then you can continue to spew out concession lines at them. Don’t be afraid to use a line multiple times.

Never commit to a number first!

Ask for more than you expect to get!

Do not accept their initial denial!

Negotiating is without a doubt a skill. If you learn it you can save yourself $1000s of dollars a year if you are frugal and do not spend much money. As a negotiator the more you spend the more you save.

A few final disclaimers.

1. Not all salespeople are bad there are legitmate professionals doing a good job. While you can still negotiate with them. I do not want to propogate the over riding belief that sales people are scum. They are not. Just some of them are bad. Similar to how it is wrong to be prejudice based on race, religion, etc. It is wrong to form a precognition about someone just based on their profession.

2. Always remember that you can walk away from a sale at anytime. Never commit to buy something until you are fully comfortable with the purchase.

Become a power negotiator.