The second installment of my Entrepreneurial DID segment. Here I will discuss the methods and beliefs that allow you to not only understand yourself and your different personalities but to actually make practical changes to control them. It is time to make your Self work for you.

First, decide what you want. Spend time reflecting on your life, goals, priorities, beliefs, etc. Write things down. Build your life on a system of logic based on what YOU want. When you understand this and understand your different personalities, then you can decide who does what. You have to decide what personality you want to run your life.

Let us approach this on a daily basis.

The way you have to look at it is this: Certain personalities should be in control at certain times of the day. In the morning you need your get up and go personality in charge. During business hours it should be a strategic balance between The Entrepreneur, The Manager, and The Analyst. After work you should employ the Student, perhaps even the Fat Guy once in a while to rest.

This is too personal for me to explain exactly how to do it. First you have to understand your different moods. Label 4-5 at least and GIVE THEM LABELS. Beginning to understand your moods and giving them names so you are aware of them is the most important step to self improvement.

So let’s go through an ideal day.
Wake up 6am: The Fat Guy is here. The Jock needs to come in instantly and stuff the Fat Guy in a trash can where he belongs, he should be humiliated for wanting to stay in bed like a lazy slob. There are touch downs to be scored on this day. The Athlete takes over The Entrepeneur his coach. A piece of fruit and a 5 minute mental start up at the table. 3 minutes later he is in shorts, shirt, and running shoes ready to better himself. A brief exercise session gets the day started. After excersize the Athlete goes and takes a shower. 5 minute mental break….

6:30-7:00ish: The Athlete doses off in the shower and The Analyst wakes up with his slavemaster The Entrepreneur cracking the whips behind him. “There is a day ahead, what next, what next, what next” is his thought and the planning ensues. Luckily before bed the analyst made a list so he has his direction set. He gets out of the shower, dresses and the day is ready to begin.

7:00-7:45ish: The Analyst as per his masters bidding assigns The Teacher and Student to take over the mind and soak up some relevant information that can be used later. By reading a book, the Bible, News and Business Journals, The Economist, and maybe even listening to some of their favorite music these two finish quickly with the body and mind harmonized ready to conquer the world.

7:45-8:15ish: Let the work begin. I find I enjoy working in the morning most. Let The Manager and Analyst get to work. Allow a short 5-10 minute mental break from work every 1-2 hours. By not trying to work for long periods of times without any break you will in dyourself far more productive. Keep a list of your favorite Youtube video’s, songs, excerpts from books, quotes, etc. Rely on these daily.

8:15-12ish: Accomplish the tasks that have been set forth for the day. Always remember to take time each day to plan and refocus always making sure that you are working towards your goals. Use the power of the back of your mind. Focus your conscious mind on the task at hand and work ruthelssly until it is done. But if there is something else that needs doing consciously assign your subconscious to work on it while you complete the task at hand. Your subconscious is very capable of completing a heavy workload without your oversight.

Noon: Lunch, eat it, be healthy. There is no honor in skipping lunch. Meals are important. Get away from where you work to eat. Even if it is just standing on the other side of the office. Try to take in some non work realted information/media while you eat. Listen to music, talk about sports, etc. Give yourself a real break.

12:30-4:00ish: Continue working productively. Remember the tasks you have performed and why. Allow The Entrepreneur to control the conscious mind a little more often. Look for ways to improve that which you have been doing. Consider things that will need doing tomorrow. Make some phone calls.

4:00-5:00ish: Go home, relax, go to the gym, eat dinner, do something non workish. If you are in high demand and have to work longer than an 8-5 shift that is fine. But throw in an hour break and then spend another 4-5 hours working before bed. Breaks from work are what get work done.

5:00-9:00ish: Give your personalities their day in court: Let Fatty enjoy 30 minutes of entertainment based programming. Let The Teacher talk to others and share his wisdom. Let The Student learn. Let the Manager plan. Let The Entrepreneur ideate. Let The Analyst rest. Let The Philanthropist give.

9:00 on: Do what you want and go to bed.


There it is a perfect day in the life. Obviously almost nobody’s day ever goes like that. This type of order is non existent. Especially for an entrepreneur. But with the correct allocation of resources you can survive like this on a crazy, hectic schedule. All that you need to do is learn to use “mental breaks”.

A Mental Break is a 5-10 minute long withdrawal from the norm. Go for a walk, close your eyes, put in ear plugs, just relax into the deep recesses of your mind. Before you begin instruct your subconcious mind to place (whatever personality need be in charge) in charge at the end of your break. Relax……………. Relax…………….. Relax……………………. Forever and ever. Breathe Deep and Long. Go to dark places and find light… Time is non existent. Your break can be an eternity without a moment passing.

Learning “self hypnosis” is a valuable tool. For this I again recommend Psycho Cybernetics

Through self hypnosis you can journey far away from reality to a state of bliss almost instantaneously. This is a skill that the best of the best master.

Learn it, Live it, Love it


P.S It all starts by hazing The Fat Guy as soon as you wake up in the morning. As cruel as it is, it must be done. You won’t ever get rich lying in bed.