DID, better known as Split Personality Disorder. The term conjures up thoughts of Law and Order SVU episodes depicting maniac serial killers and the likes. Perhaps from now on when you hear the term you should think of…..


You see, when I spend time reflecting on issues in my life and problems that I face. The biggest, most serious, most difficult to fix problems all stem from the same source. A source that I feel can best be described as Entrepreneurial DID. While it is not exclusive to those who call themselves entrepreneurs, it does seem to be more visible in them than in others. Hence the tag of Entrepreneurial DID.

So what does it mean?

I will use myself as a case study and explore some examples in my life. Warning: I have not figured out everything to know about the different psychological patterns humans face. I only am aware of what I have found to be true from my experience. I offer here what I have discovered that works to control and harness this condition.

#1. Definition

Entrepreneurial Dissociative Identity Disorder is the manifestation of different personality traits in a person. These many different traits group together and come to form different personalities in each of us.

What is important to know:

Only one personality can be in control at any given time.

The ability to quickly transfer power from one personality to the other is of vital importance to your success.

It is important to be blunt and objective with yourself about what personality you want to rule.

So, a case study of Jordan on his EDID.

Part one: Who am I and what are my personalities?

I am a 19 year old entrepreneur. I am interested in real estate, girls, income, writing, poker, self improvement, religion, the beach, travel, and happiness. I am also a person who has trouble describing themselves when asked.

What are my personalities:

#1. The Entrepreneur: This personality looks to turn everything into an opportunity. No time should be wasted, everything I do should make me money, I have no limits. These are just a few of the personality traits and mindsets that this personality adheres to. This personality is uncomfortable when it is not moving forward. It constantly creates new ideas for business’s to be created and how to improve business’s that are already established. This personality is the mastermind and the all powerful. It can not subjugate to other personalities. If it is forced to be controlled it will disappear. This personality can enlist other personalities to do it’s bidding at a moment’s notice. But it can never be ordered around like lesser, weaker personalities. This personality holds all the cards.

#2. The Teacher: This is the side of me that wants to bring others along on my journey. It is the part that believes that other people can be taught to succeed like I am being taught to succeed. The Teacher recognizes that without Teachers he would not be where he is today. The Teacher understands the value of knowledge and the power of information. This personality creates information ready to be distributed to others. While it understands the benefitis of being an entrepreneur it is more comfortable in an enlisted position. While it is still authoritative it does not want to be the top dog. This personality has the power to persuade other personalities but never to take full charge. It also has the ability to surrender power and work for the entrepreneur.

#3. The Student: The student is young and full of vitality. It constantly has a thirst for knowledge. It does share some traits of the entrepreneur in the sense that it is always seeking to advance and grow. However the student is not comfortable leading. It has self-esteem issues thinking that, well why would other people do what I say I am not a boss. The Student is productive at times but then also will lack motivation and not get enough accomplished. It will submit to anyone who offers it a purpose that it feels is worthwhile.

#4. The Manager: The Manager over sees the day to day tasks. It creates the systems necessary for survival and hopefully, success. It is always looking to advance but has the abiliity to honor the requests of a higher authority. It can be humbled when necessary but can also spark up and take charge when others won’t. The Manager can not be outsourced.

#5. The Fat Guy: The Fat Guy is tired. He would rather be lying in bed watching tv than writing this article. Early morning exercise? Your crazy. The Fat Guy will always find some reason to not get something done. Unfortunately when the Fat Guy and the Entrepreneur meet up, conflict ensues. The Fat Guy is far inferior to the Entrepreneur however he is sometimes a better negotiator. What the Fat Guy has is tangibility. The Entrepreneur is often forced to live in a world of future gains. The Fat Guy can offer a nice warm bed or delicious meal NOW! Thus he is very convincing to take up on his offer. The Fat Guy exists in a world of trumped up get rich quick schemes that do not offer real gain.

#6. The Pessimist: “One day closer to death” is what get’s this guy out of bed in the morning. He gets the work done but he will jump at a moments notice to find the bad, negative, horrific about any situation. The Pessimist thrives when creating doom out of gloom. Rain out of sunshine. The Pessimist feels like life is never good enough. For all the negative though, often times the Pessimist could better be considered the Realist. It is not a personality that can just be destroyed and forgot. It serves the purpose of keeping things in perspective. It surfaces problems that need to be fixed that otherwise might have been ignored. However, it must be kept under strict watch and not allowed to much power.

#7. The Philanthropist: Believes everyone deserves a second chance. It also believes that in helping others, it helps itself. A noble and honorable trait it can manifest in every walk of life. If the Philanthropist is able to teach it’s methods to other personalities so that they may practice it than everyone benefits. The Philanthropist tithes. It believes giving of ones time and money is the best way of life. Give it strong though, no matter who you are.

#8. The Analyst: Loves to crunch the numbers, look at the data, micro manage and plan every detail. It gives the most weight to the facts. The Analyst is a valuable asset in planning any venture. Even if that venture is tomorrow. The analyst is the one you will find reviewing graphs of blog traffic at the end of the day and looking at articles to consider how to make the graph’s have a better showing tomorrow.

#9. The Hypothetical Serial Killer: For better or for worse exists. This is the trait the enjoys watching mind wrenching murder films where the killer is an ultimate genius like Mr Brooks. It will cause harm when necessary. It is the evil twin of the Entrepreneur. A battle will ensue between the two and it is vital that the entrepreneur wins.

So many personalities inside one person. Seems like I would explode! The truth is all these are present in all of us. These and SO MANY more. Every human on earth is capable of murder. It’s just that not all personalities manifest in everyone. Most people have 1-2 dominant personalities and a lot more sub personalities. The determining factor of your life and your success is which personalities you allow to run your life.

I make it my goal to allow the Entrepreneur to command my life. It is a difficult way to live as the Entrepreneur often withdraws from others and thus makes my quality of life lower. But he is also an avid learner and seeks counsel when he is unsure. Consider personalities in your life. Who is in control? Who are you?

I am a schmorgasboard of all these different personalities. It is a constant struggle to keep those in power that I want in power and subdue the offending personalities. But this is life.

In my next segment on this topic I will go into more detail about how I control these personalities and moods and how to hone each of them for maximum success. I look forward to writing it so I hope you look forward to reading it.

A big thanks for reading from,

The Entrepreneur, The Teacher, The Student, The Manager, The Fat Guy, The Pessimist, The Philanthropist, The Analyst, and The Hyopothetical Serial Killer