False statements are the basis of most people’s life.

The overwhelming majority of people live day by day without ever knowing why things are how they are. Everybody wonders why, few actually know. Read the rest of this post and you will be better informed than the average person.

You see, most people survive by chalking up the overwhelming majority of their life to, “that’s just the way things are” or “that’s my luck” or “it’s God’s plan”.

This is not a religious based post and I am not seeking to refute the belief that God has a purpose for everyone’s life. I am also not seeking to propagate my beliefs through this post in any way. I added that statement arbitrarily as something I have heard people say directly as a reason for why their life is how it is.

Our life is what we decide it to be (or should I say, it’s not what we don’t decide it to be). Most people’s ineffectiveness in decision making is why their life is in the state that it is. Rather than take initiative and make change they rely on misconstrued statements of some uncontrollable force running their life.

That is a hot steaming pile of B.S!

People will blame anything but themselves for their troubles. A lot of times they are not wrong. A child who was verbally abused by an unloving parent their entire youth will likely have some serious self-esteem issues as an adult. It is a fact that an overwhelming majority of the time a person’s personality and life is a direct result of what other people have done to/for them both good and bad.

That abused child will say to the parent (or to themselves about the parent), “I am how I am, because you were how you were”. This statement extrapolates to so many different situations (almost any relationship related problem ever).

It does not take a psychologist to tell that this is statement is false. How about an English teacher?

The problem is “tense agreement” and messing it up is a lot more serious than a simple grammatical error.

What I am trying to get across is that, yes, a lot of times personal flaws are the result of someone else’s wrongdoing towards us. It is true! However there is a SERIOUS difference between someone being at fault and someone being responsible. You are responsible. You can not allow your life to be dictated by the actions of others. It is a losing proposition. You will end up being another nameless, faceless statistic, long before you’d like to be.


We all live conditionally to some extent. What that means is we live by a defined set of conditions. The conditions can be defined either consciously, unconsciously, or subconciously. The third, is the most common.

Decide today that you won’t be completely controlled by these conditions. Decide today that YOU will DECIDE what your life is going to be like. If you feel that there is something in your life that you can’t change. Ask me please. Everything changes, everything can change, anything will change.

Here is the simple way to change your life. There are a few things you need to know first.

#1. A happy person is a productive person. This is another super truth that can be applied to a lot of different things. First you have to apply to yourself. Find a way to be happy now. If you don’t think you can. Ask me and I will show you.

#2. You hold all the cards in your life. Anyone who controls you does so because you have allowed them to. Do not resent them for controlling you. Replace them. It is ok to have bosses, managers, and spouses. It is not ok to let them control your life. Nobody likes to be controlled. Take control. That doesn’t mean eliminating the person who has control now. It just means shifting control from them back to you.

Additional Transition

It’s common to think conditionally. When you say, “If I were rich I’d be happy”. You are thinking in terms of a conditional statement.

Condition 1: Being rich.
Condition 2: Being happy.

If you’ve taken math you know how if/then statement’s work. If any condition of the statement is ever false than the entire statement is false. A dangerous gamble for your life. So don’t do it!

Decide. Decide. Decide

If you can make decisions you can do anything. Decide today what it is that you want. Financially, Physically, Emotionally, Religiously, Sexually, etc. WRITE IT DOWN! It is therapeutic.

What the list that you write is saying is that, “I believe that if I reach the state of having these things that I want then I will be happy/satisfied/content”. As we just discussed that is the wrong way to go about it. Sure, but it is an ok way to think about it. It is the autoprogrammed way humans are so it is hard to fight it. The simple view is, we all want something so let’s try and get what we want. It is important to know what YOU want, not what other’s want you to want.

Go consciously about doing the opposite of your ingrained subconscious nature.

I always say, “I try and find people who are the opposite of what I want to be and then be the opposite of them”. Ok… I’ve never said that up until now. But it makes sense.

The If/Then method of achieving goals is the opposite of what works. So do the opposite of that.

The best way I have found to do this is to reverse the If/Then on itself.


Statement 1: If I make $200,000 this year, then I will be happy.
(good luck pal)

Opposite Statement: If I am happy, then I will make $200,000 this year.
(believe that).

This post is just the beginning. If you can try and master this way of thinking about things, beginning with the end in mind. Then opportunity will be plentiful for you in life.

The whole business of life is to be happy. So stop worrying about all the things that don’t make you happy and figure out what does.

Just remember, you’ll never see a happy person that’s sad.